Branding a Brewery

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Over the last six months we have worked with local brewery Bad Jimmy’s to brand their establishment using their trademark spade. Their logo is the basis of their brand, featuring iconic images of the Seattle skyline. We were excited to work on several projects featuring it.

We started off by doing keg wraps for Bad Jimmy’s. When a brewery’s beer is picked up by other pubs or bars, they sometimes stack kegs within eyesight of customers. Just like a tap handle reminds customers of the beer they are drinking, these kegs do the same. The spade was centered on the label, with the tag line “Intense Ales” and their name surrounding it. Having the graphic element of the spade, instead of just the name, gives it brand recognition.

After keg wraps we worked on sandwich boards for the brewery. These were strategically placed along Leary Avenue. Bad Jimmy’s home is behind other buildings on the main road, and so using the sandwich boards directs people’s attention to the only brewery along that stretch of Leary. Sandwich boards are simple but effective. The spade dominates the faces of the boards, along with information about hours and some pricing. Sandwich boards should not be filled with lots of little information. There should be just enough information to alert customers to your presence.

Finally, Bad Jimmy’s was ready to update their menu board. They gave us rough suggestions on what needed to be featured, but the rest they left up to us. Going with a chalkboard theme, we designed a menu that showcased the ingredients of beer from the grains to the hops. Embedded within the vines of the hops was the familiar spade. We divided the board into Year Round and Seasonal sections on the sides, with the Flights and Growler options in the middle. The beers listed were given individual plaques, for easy updating, and so they could be removed to reveal Tapped Out when they were sold out. The plaques give detailed information on the beers and their flavor profiles. Since ABV and IBU changes with each batch of beer, these areas had a chalkboard vinyl applied to keep the numbers up to date. The menu board is easy to change out, clear and informative for the customers, and a showpiece behind the bar.

To complete the transformation, we took their iconic spade logo and produced an 8’x8’ floor graphic. It is a massive spectacle right when you walk through the roll-up door. It leaves no question as to the brewery you are in, and it points you to the bar where you can saddle up and enjoy some of the finest, award-winning pints in Seattle.

Next time you are in the area, stop by Bad Jimmy’s and enjoy a cold one. Tell them Frank the Llama sent you!

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